B & C students virtual meal sign-up forms available

Meal Distribution Information:

Virtual Meal Sign-Up Form

Meals will be provided to virtual students who opt in by completing the weekly sign
up form. The form will be emailed to parents and guardians of virtual students, and
will also be available on the Russellville School District K12 Website for easy access.

Parents will be notified that these meals will be charged to the student’s account, as
though the student was in school, based on their Free/Reduced/Paid status.

-Parents will fill out the virtual form by 2pm the day prior to service. This will allow
the information to be collected and distributed to each location for next day service.

-The form will allow parents to complete information for all school age
children in their household.

-Parents will list who is picking up the meal for their child and that will be
noted for the cafeteria personnel so that they can ensure that the meals
are going to the proper person/child.

Each child will receive one lunch and one breakfast for the 5 school days.
Cashiers will ensure that no child in the Virtual program is charged for a
“second meal” unless specifically ordered at the $3.85 rate.