Superintendent's covid-19 Friday report

Superintendent's COVID-19 Friday report for February 5, 2021:

Thankfully, we are seeing some of the best numbers of those positive and quarantined since last mid-semester. 

Our nursing team has done a great job monitoring our students and teachers while preparing and serving in our vaccination clinics in our schools. Thank you, Nurses! In fact, all of you should be commended for your diligence and patience in this season. Thank you!

As of this communication on February 5th we have:

  • 16 active positive cases among students (14) and staff (2). (37 last week)
  • 18 staff members are quarantined. (24 last week)
  • 74 students are quarantined. (209 last week)
  • A total of 108 students and staff are out of school or work as of this week. (270 last week)
  • Our total cumulative positive cases among staff and students are 481 out of approximately 6,000 students and staff. This is now 8% of our district who have tested positive since the outbreak.

How does this compare to all of the residents within our community?

According to the ACHI (Arkansas Center for Health Improvement) data as of February 1st there were:

  • 4,758 cumulative positive cases in the Russellville community (11% of community).
  • 249 new cases in the Russellville community (295 last week)

We will continue to monitor our cases and provide any updates from the Department of Health and the Department of Education.

While these numbers are most encouraging, we must continue to keep doing our part to minimize the potential exposure to ourselves and others. Please keep up the great efforts. 

We are all Achieving Excellence Together,

Dr. Gotcher